web-based alternative presentation tool

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Hide from the tedium of slide presentations in the comfort and safety of your favorite browser

Try it out right now:

Using cowerpoint to write your own presentation

  1. Clone powerpoint: git clone

1a) Or, if you're putting your presentation in a git repo, add cowerpoint as a submodule: git submodule add cowerpoint git submodule update --init --recursive

  1. Copy the template files from cowerpoint: cp cowerpoint/template/* .

  2. Open index.html in an editor, find the "slides" container, and replace our silly example slides with your own brilliant inspiring and beautiful slides.

  3. If you only need to view cowerpoint locally (no remote) then simply open your new index.html in a browser and you're done.

If you want a remote, and want to allow others to follow along in their browser then you're not done.

  1. Open config.json in an editor and change the password. This password will be required to connect the remote.

  2. Start the server by running: npm update node .

  3. Then present it at: http://{your computer}:1234

  4. And control it from another device at: http://{your computer}:1234/remote/

You may view the presentation from multiple laptops, tablets, phones, etc at the same time. The remote will keep them all in sync.