Cross platform colorful log for js.

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  import cpclog from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/cpclog';



A cross platform(node and webpacked-browser) colorful log for js.

github: https://github.com/mikewootc/cpclogjs


In browser:


In node:



npm install cpclog.js



    const Logger = require('cpclog');
    const logger = Logger.createWrapper('LogTestTag', Logger.LEVEL_TRACE);

    // With level
    logger.error('This is a error');
    logger.warn('This is a warning');
    logger.info('This is a info');
    logger.debug('This is a debug');
    logger.trace('This is a trace');

    // With color
    let segments = ['string:', 'hello world', ', number:', 123, ', array:', [4, 5], ', obj:', {a: 1, b: 'hello'}];

    logger.info(Logger.RED         , '[RED      ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.RED_B       , '[RED_B    ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.GREEN       , '[GREEN    ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.GREEN_B     , '[GREEN_B  ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.YELLOW      , '[YELLOW   ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.YELLOW_B    , '[YELLOW_B ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.BLUE        , '[BLUE     ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.BLUE_B      , '[BLUE_B   ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.MAGENTA     , '[MAGENTA  ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.MAGENTA_B   , '[MAGENTA_B]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.CYAN        , '[CYAN     ]', ...segments);
    logger.info(Logger.CYAN_B      , '[CYAN_B   ]', ...segments);
    logger.info('Multi color in one line:', Logger.RED_B, 'RED_B,', Logger.GREEN_B, 'GREEN_B,', Logger.BLUE_B, 'BLUE_B,', Logger.CLR, 'and no color');

Note: because yellow in white background(in browser) is hard to be seen, So it's set to be inverted. If you don't like it, you can change it easily by your own color like:

    // Add this before logging:
    Logger.BR_YELLOW   = 'color: darkorange';   // 'BR_' prefix means 'browser'
    Logger.BR_YELLOW_B = 'color: darkorange; font-weight:bold';

    // Then log it:
    logger.info(Logger.YELLOW      , '[YELLOW   ]', 'something yellow to show');
    logger.info(Logger.YELLOW_B    , '[YELLOW_B ]', 'something yellow-bold to show');

You can also use this way to override other default colors.


Logger.createWrapper(tag, level)

tag: (REQUESTED) the tag for the created wrapper logger, and would be shown in every line of the output log.

This argument should be a string(which is also considered as inner map-key of loggers).

level: (REQUESTED) the level shown for this logger. should one of the follow value:

  • Logger.LEVEL_TRACE
  • Logger.LEVEL_DEBUG
  • Logger.LEVEL_INFO
  • Logger.LEVEL_WARN
  • Logger.LEVEL_ERROR

Logger.adjustTag(tag, level)

This static function adjust the log level for the logger which created by Logger.createWrapper().

tag: specify the logger's tag, should be same as in Logger.createWrapper().

level: specify the logger's new log level.


    Logger.adjustTag('TestLog', Logger.LEVEL_WARN);


This static function adjust the log level for all loggers which created by Logger.createWrapper().

level: specify the logger's new log level.