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This is an addon starter template for the Ionic Framework.

How to use this template

This template does not work on its own. It is missing the Ionic library, and AngularJS.

To use this, either create a new ionic project using the ionic node.js utility, or copy and paste this into an existing Cordova project and download a release of Ionic separately.

With the Ionic tool:

Take the name after ionic-starter-, and that is the name of the template to be used when using the ionic start command below:

$ sudo npm install -g ionic cordova
$ ionic start myApp tabs

Then, to run it, cd into myApp and run:

$ ionic platform add ios
$ ionic build ios
$ ionic emulate ios

Substitute ios for android if not on a Mac, but if you can, the ios development toolchain is a lot easier to work with until you need to do anything custom to Android.




Issues have been disabled on this repo, if you do find an issue or have a question consider posting it on the Ionic Forum. Or else if there is truly an error, follow our guidelines for submitting an issue to the main Ionic repository. On the other hand, pull requests are welcome here!