Generate and validate CPF ( Brazilian tax document )

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  import cpfgenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/cpfgenerator';


CPF generator and validator / Gerador e validador de CPF

Generate and validate CPF ( Brazilian tax document )

Installation / Instalação

npm i cpfgenerator

How to use / Como utilizar

import the item / importar o item

var ClassCPF = require('cpfgenerator');

create a new var from the imported class / criar uma nova var para a classe importada

var cpf = new ClassCPF();

generate a new CPF / gera um novo CPF

var newCPF = cpf.generate();

validate a given CPF (String) / valida um CPF (String)

var isValidCPF = cpf.validate("12345678901");

mask a given CPF (String) / aplica a máscara no CPF (String)

var maskedCPF = cpf.mask("12345678901"); // 123.456.789-01

unmask a given CPF (String) / remove a máscara do CPF (String)

var unmaskedCPF = cpf.unmask("123.456.789-01"); // 12345678901

Simple like that =) / Simple assim =)


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