wake up Heroku dynos during work hours

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  import cpustejovskyDynoWaker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/cpustejovsky-dyno-waker';


Dyno Waker

Designed to keep Heroku free tier dynos awake from 6:00am to 9:00pm in your specified timezone.

I've found that you can keep two or three dynos awake with this schedule without going over Heroku's alotted hours.

Set Up

To use run npm i cpustejovsky-dyno-waker

Next, require into your application: const dynoWaker = require("cpustejovsky-dyno-waker");


Create an array of dynos you want to use like so: let dynos = [<dyno>, <dyno>, <dyno>]

<dyno> would be the prefix of your heroku url

For example, with my app's url (https://life-together-calculator.herokuapp.com/), I would pass in "life-together-calculator"

Then call pass your array of dynos and a timezone and call it in your application: dynoWaker(dynos, "America/New_York")

If you do not provide a timezone, dynoWaker will default to "America/New_York"