The aurora template for Create React App.

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aurora.js for ReactJS App

This folder was bootstrapped with aurora.js for React.

¿Why aurora.js?

This template was built to reduce setup time, facilitate a work structure and implement useful development tools.


Google has become the port of technology today, this allows us to get multiple development tools on the same platform.

With this in mind, the development team behind aurora.js, have dedicated ourselves to building our own development methodologies based on Google tools.

¿ Why Material-UI ?

If you are a lover of modernity and are familiar with technology, you will find the use of Material-UI very familiar to support the design of your applications.

¿Why choose Firebase?

We cannot say enough about its advantages, but we invite you to read the Internet Giant's proposal on its official Firebase site.

Learn More of ReactJS App

You can learn more in the Create React App documentation.

To learn React, check out the React documentation.

Advanced Configuration

You find documentation here:


You find documentation here:

npm run build fails to minify

You find documentation here: