CLI-based tool to create a workspace with multiple projects, e.g. frontend/backend/shared

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WIP Lacks a lot (even basic) functionality, hence the version being <=1.0.0 for now.

Some information:

  • Interactive CLI-based UI to create a workspace
  • A workspace consists of (optional) directories and projects
  • A project can have project aspects, e.g. TypeScript, Webpack, React, ...
    • Other aspect examples: Yarn/NPM (implicit?), ESLint, Git, VSCode, ...
    • Goal is for aspects to play nice with each other (e.g. TS+Webpack -> use ts-loader)
  • A workspace can have workspace aspects
    • E.g. add scripts/ directory with e.g. a script that runs the build tasks in all projects
    • E.g. add .vscode-workspace file with tasks
    • Not entirely sure if the user chooses them, or if it's suggested by project aspects
  • This CLI should be able to recognize a workspace with its projects and modify/interact with them
    • Store a file in the workspace root with the workspace structure produced by this CLI?
    • Maybe have utility commands to e.g. check git status in all projects?
    • Less important, as the main goal of this CLI is to create a workspace

This module is more meant as a CLI program, but does also expose the API the CLI makes use of.