Cross-platform browser event handling

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Cross-platform browser event handling

The event handler API used by dominus.


Using Bower

bower install -S crossvent

Using npm

npm install -S crossvent


The API exposes a few methods that let you deal with event handling in a consistent manner across browsers.

crossvent.add(el, type, fn, capturing?)

Adds an event listener fn of type type to DOM element el.

crossvent.add(document.body, 'click', function (e) {
  console.log('clicked document body');

crossvent.remove(el, type, fn, capturing?)

Removes an event listener fn of type type from DOM element el.

crossvent.add(document.body, 'click', clicked);
crossvent.remove(document.body, 'click', clicked);

function clicked (e) {
  console.log('clicked document body');

crossvent.fabricate(el, type, model?)

Creates a synthetic custom event of type type and dispatches it on el. You can provide a custom model which will be accessible as e.detail.

crossvent.add(document.body, 'sugar', sugary);
crossvent.fabricate(document.body, 'sugar', { onTop: true });

function sugary (e) {
  console.log('synthetic sugar' + e.detail.onTop ? ' on top' : '');