A tiny module that allows you to connect custom audio nodes in your Web Audio API audio chain

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custom-audio-node-connect shims the AudioNode.connect method and lets you choose which audio nodes to actually connect to each other.

This is useful if you want your own custom nodes/effects to be chainable just like any other node.

The code in this module is copied straight from the terrific tuna by Theodeus. All cred goes there!


npm i -S custom-audio-node-connect


import enableCustomConnects from 'custom-audio-node-connect'
import BitCrusher from './my-effects/BitCrusher.js'

const ctx = new AudioContext()

// Every time `AudioNode.connect(someAudioNode)` is called, the `inputSelector`
// function will be called to determine what to actually connect to.
// In this imaginary example, BitCrusher objects has an `input` property
// which is a regular GainNode. If someAudioNode has an `input` property,
// we let the connecting node connect to that, otherwise we just return
// the node as is.
const inputSelector = (node) => node.input || node
enableCustomConnects(ctx, inputSelector)

// Create an AudioNode, here an oscillator, together with an instance
// of our custom BitCrusher effect.
const osc = ctx.createOscillator()
osc.frequency.value = 440
const crushEffect = new BitCrusher()

// Connecting now works seemlessly. You'll have to implement the
// BitCrusher's `connect()` and `disconnect()` methods yourself. :(


 enableCustomConnects(audioContext, inputSelector)


An AudioContext instance.

(node: any) => AudioNode

A function that takes any object passed to AudioNode.connect() and return and AudioNode that the connecting node should connect to.

See also

  • audio-param-shim - An AudioParam shim that lets you act on value changes in any way you want
  • Theodeus/tuna - An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.