TypeScript framework designed to facilitate the creation of single-page web applications

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CustomElementTs is a JavaScript/TypeScript library for the creation of single-page web applications.

It allows you to create your own custom HTML elements and assign a state and behavior to them.

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What problems exist?

React, Angular and most other reactivity libraries and frameworks are much criticized.
Some for their heaviness, slowness, difficulty to use, lack of cleanliness or difficulty to maintain a project through time.
Developers would like to have a minimalist tool, compatible with all projects that doesn't require any particular dependency.

What solutions does CustomElementTs offer?

JavaScript already embeds all the features needed to design reactive web components.
You don't need CustomElementTs or any other framework! :laughing:

  • Cross-browser (web standard) for creating and extending reusable components.
  • Requires no library or framework to get started. Vanilla JS/HTML FTW!
  • Provides a familiar programming model. It's just DOM/CSS/HTML.
  • Works well with other new web platform features (Shadow DOM, <template>, CSS custom properties, etc.)
  • Tightly integrated with the browser's DevTools.
  • DOM allows you to dynamically modify page elements, no need for a virtual DOM.
  • Leverage existing accessibility features.
  • JavaScript functions to manipulate the browser history allow to react dynamically to url changes.
  • No virtual DOM. Your app starts fast and stays fast.

Yes, but these features are very verbose.

You don't need complex frameworks to create real web applications with components and reactivity.
CustomElementTs is useful to you only for simplification and readability.

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