Preview all your Locales with Gatsby Cloud or other Previewlinks

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import datocmsPluginPreviewLocales from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/datocms-plugin-preview-locales';


Preview Links DatoCMS plugin

With this Plugin you can preview all your locales with different Preview Links. For example you can use Gatsby Cloud!


Plugin Settings

You have to add the links with locales in this format in Plugin Settings.

Field Settings

In Field Settings you can enter the API Key of the Field you want to get the value from to put it behind your preview link.

NPM Package

Install the Plugin:

npm i datocms-plugin-preview-locales

Install all the project dependencies with:

yarn install

Add this plugin in development mode to one of your DatoCMS project with:

yarn addToProject

Start the local development server with:

yarn start

The plugin will be served from http://localhost:5000/. Insert this URL as the plugin Entry point URL.


I know that much of us have wished us this function, so if you´re happy with it, you can donate me via Paypal! Thank you!


This package is available under MIT License.