CLI wrapper for Deno, a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript

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deno-bin v1.18.0

Use Deno via npm

You can use deno via npm or npx.

Note: This module installs deno at node_modules/deno-bin/bin/deno, and you can use it via npx or npm's run-script.

Usage via npx

npx deno-bin works like deno executable. For example, you can run a deno script like the below:

$ npx deno-bin run
Welcome to Deno!

You can also start repl:

$ npx deno-bin
Deno 1.1.0
exit using ctrl+d or close()

You can also use deno tools:

npx deno-bin fmt             # Formats script
npx deno-bin lint --unstable # Checks lint rules

Usage via run-scripts

Use in scripts in package.json.

First install deno-bin:

npm i --save-dev deno-bin

(Note: This installs deno executable at node_modules/deno-bin/bin/deno internally.)

Then use deno in your "scripts".


  "scripts": {
    "foo": "deno run some-script.ts"

Then hit the command npm run foo, and it executes deno run some-script.ts with locally installed deno.

Ideas of usages

Use deno lint in your node.js project

You can format your scripts with deno lint which is faster than prettier. (deno lint uses dprint internally, which is mostly compatible with prettier and is implemented in Rust.)

  "scripts": {
    "fmt": "deno fmt src"

Run some utility scripts

When you need some utility scripts in your repository, you can use deno for it. Because Deno can run typescript out of the box, you can skip any settings about typescript.

  "scripts": {
    "task": "deno run ./tools/some-task.ts"

About the version of deno

deno-bin downloads the same version of deno executable as its own version number. For example, if you install deno-bin@1.8.1, you'll get deno v1.8.1.




  • 2021-04-26 Windows support #4