A tool for easily recursively uploading a directory with client-side files to S3

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A tool for easily recursively uploading a directory with client-side files to S3.


export AWS_BUCKET=<bucket name>
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=<access key>
export AWS_SECRET_KEY=<secret key>

deploy-web-to-s3 <folder to upload>


All files in the provided build-folder will be uploaded, unless they are blacklisted (see the AWS_EXCLUDE section).

Any files ending with .json or called index.html (both case-sensitive) will have no cache, all other files will have a 30-day cache header.

A file called version.json will be added to the root of the folder. This file contains the current git-sha and the current timestamp.

Required Options


The name of the bucket.


Access key for IAM user.


Secret key for IAM user.

Optional Options

The options allow customization of the URL. If enabled, the URL for uploads will be as follows:[/AWS_BUCKET_FOLDER][/[AWS_VERSION_PREFIX-]GIT_DESCRIBE]/...


A folder within the bucket. Defaults to the root.

export AWS_BUCKET_FOLDER=some-folder


Bool for determining if the version should be appended to the url as a directory. The version is determined by running git describe in the current working directory.



A static prefix to add before the version. It is only used if AWS_ADD_VERSION_TO_PATH is set to true.

export AWS_VERSION_PREFIX=some-prefix


A list of file extensions that should be gzipped before uploaded to S3. Gzipped files will have their content-encoding set to gzip when served. Note: This also means that user agents that does not support the gzip content encoding will not be able to receive this file as S3 doesn't support automatic content negotiation.

export AWS_GZIP_EXTENSIONS=.js,.css


A comma-separated list of file names to exclude when globbing. If any of the files contains one of the words in the list, it will not be uploaded. It is matched based on the <folder to upload>.

# This will exclude any files whose path from <folder to upload> and deeper
# contains the words ['node_modules','upload-script']
export AWS_EXCLUDE=node_modules,upload-script
deploy-web-to-s3 <folder to upload>


Use the Cache-Control header to control how long objects stay in the cache. Units are in number of seconds. To cache a file for 24 hours, you would use the AWS_CACHE_CONTROL=86400 environment variable. The resulting headers would look like this: Cache-Control: max-age=86400. If no AWS_CACHE_CONTROL is provided, Cache-Control will default to 30 days.

export AWS_CACHE_CONTROL=seconds