A Derby component library for the Unofficial Github Buttons.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import derbyUiGithubButtons from '';


Derby Github Buttons

A Derby component library for the Unofficial Github Buttons. Refer to their documentation for more details.


$ npm install derby-ui-github-buttons

In "lib/app/index.js" include:



In your view include:

<ghbtns:button user="psirenny" repo="derby-ui-github-buttons" type="watch" width="100">

or better yet:

<ghbtns:button giturl="" type="watch" width="100">


  • count True if the count should be shown.
  • domain The domain hosting the .html file. Defaults to
  • filename The name of the .html file. Defaults to github-btn.html.
  • fileurl The url to the .html file. This will override secure, domain and filename.
  • giturl The url to the repository. This will override user and repo.
  • height The height of the button. The default value depends on the button size.
  • repo The name of the repository. Required
  • secure True if the url should be in https. Defaults to false.
  • size The size of the button.
  • type The type of button. Required
  • user The username of the repository owner. Required
  • width The width of the button.