JavaScript library to simply create a Discord bot

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import diskord from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/diskord';


Diskord 🤖

JavaScript/Node.js library to create simple answer bots for Discord messaging app

This library is not production bullet-proof ready, use at your own risk

Simple Discord Bot

  • $ npm install -S diskord OR
  • $ yarn add diskord



Create your bot instance

First, you will need to create your bot instance aka login to the bot.

const Diskord = require('diskord');
const bot = new Diskord({ token: 'XXXX' });

Register a simple answer

Then you can create actions, theses actions will react to a message sent by a user. You can filter actions to trigger them only on a specified channel or a server.

Let's create a simple action, the ping request:

  trigger: 'ping',
  action: 'pong'

Writing ping or !ping in the channel where the bot is present will trigger the action.

Register an action with a function

For more complex operations you can register a function to your action:

  trigger: 'hi',
  action: function(params) {
    // params = {
    //   author: {},
    //   args: string[],
    //   reply: Function
    // }
    reply(`Welcome ${params.author.username}! How are you?`);

Register an action accepting arguments

Most of the time you want user to interact with the bot by providing options, it's easy to do it:

  trigger: 'weather',
  action: function(params) {
    const city = params.args[0];
    if (!city) return reply('Usage: !weather Paris');


    reply(`The temperature in ${city} is ...`);


new Diskord(SimpleBotOptions)

SimpleBotOptions = {
  token: 'XXXX' // Secret bot token


Action = {
  trigger: string // Message (with or without prefix '!') to match
  action: string | ActionFunction // Action to start on when trigger match

ActionFunction = function(params) {
  // params = {
  //   author: { username: string },
  //   args: string[],
  //   reply: Function
  // }


  • Spam protection
  • Documentation on how to make great messages
  • Support of attachment in answers
  • Ideas? Create an issue!