Tag german media library documentaries with country data.

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Try to match meta data from documentaries fetched using the dokus module with country data.

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The module has a method all and a method for each media library supported by the dokus module like arte, mdr, etc… Each method returns a Promise which resolves in a list of objects representing single documentaries:

const dokus = require('doku-tagger')


will resolve in a list of objects which look like this:

    title: '…',
    description: '…',
    tags: […],
    countries: [ 'eg' ], // list tagged countries (never empty)
    link: '…', // media library url
    image: '…', // thumbnail
    network: 'arte'

Similar Projects

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  • doku-karte - "German documentaries sorted by country and displayed on a map."
  • match-country-german - "Try to match given german country name with its ISO code."


If you found a bug, want to propose a feature or feel the urge to complain about your life, feel free to visit the issues page.