< 1KB library for DOM selections in JavaScript

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< 1KB library for DOM selections in JavaScript


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Even though it's used less and less, jQuery is still used a lot for its single function that does a lot of different DOM operations. With the increasing browsers support for simple features, some of jQuery's cross-browser compatibility methods have become outdated. This library is made to make it easy to do anything with the DOM, but still use the (much faster) vanilla DOM methods.

dom$ supports a lot of browsers, even back to IE8! It's an easy way to create, modify, and find DOM elements dynamically.

This library also works well with the Stream.js library.


Setting all headers to blue:

dom$('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5').each(function (elem) { = 'blue'; // using `this` would also work here

Adding 2 DOM elements, then using Stream.js to find ones with a certain class:

var text = dom$('p.text');
var elements = dom$('<p class="text">This is more text</p><p>Even more!</p>');

new Stream(text.getElements())
        .filter(function (elem) { return elem.innerHTML.indexOf('text') > 0 })


dom$(elements) => dom$

Creates a new dom$.

dom$.prototype.each(function(element:Element)) => dom$

Iterates through all of the elements and returns instance of self.

dom$.prototype.empty() => dom$

Removes all child nodes and returns instance of self.

dom$.prototype.remove() => dom$

Removes all nodes and returns instance of self.

dom$.prototype.getElements() => Element[]

Returns all elements as an array.