Plain JavaScript version of jQuery's slideToggle(), slideDown(), & slideUp(), but does not use display: none.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import domSlider from '';



Known Vulnerabilities

It works like jQuery's slideToggle(), slideDown(), & slideUp(), but does not use display: none. Uses CSS3 transitions and element.scrollHeight to animate the height of elements with an unknown height.

dom-fader is a thing too.


  • Slides elements with a known or unknown height
  • Slides the height, padding, border, and margin (just the top and bottom values).
  • May slide multiple elements at once
  • Returns a Promise resolved with the element
  • Hides elements in a screen-reader-friendly way
  • Zero Dependencies and written in plain JavaScript (compiled to ES5)

Example Usage:

dom-slider CDN link

First, place the dom-slider CDN link in your html file above your own JavaScript files. Hide all the elements that you want to slide down/toggle using display: none in CSS. Then do stuff like below:

const {slideDown, slideUp, slideToggle} = window.domSlider

const box = document.querySelector('.box')

slideToggle({element: box})

slideUp({element: box, slideSpeed: 1200})

slideDown({element: box, slideSpeed: 800, easing: 'easeInOut'})

// Promises (or async/await)
slideDown({element: box, slideSpeed: 500}).then(() => {
  slideUp({element: box, slideSpeed: 300})


The element argument is required, but you may provide the following optional arguments to slideToggle, slideDown, and slideUp:

  slideSpeed, // speed in milliseconds
  easing, // CSS transition timing function,
  delay, // delay in milliseconds,
  visibleDisplayValue, // the CSS display value when the element is visible; the default value is "block"

Print Styling:

dom-slider removes the DOM-slider-hidden CSS class from all elements before printing and adds them back after printing.