An implementation of the DOMException class from browsers

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  import domexception from '';



This package implements the DOMException class, from web browsers. It exists in service of jsdom and related packages.

Example usage:

const DOMException = require("domexception");

const e1 = new DOMException("Something went wrong", "BadThingsError");
console.assert( === "BadThingsError");
console.assert(e1.code === 0);

const e2 = new DOMException("Another exciting error message", "NoModificationAllowedError");
console.assert( === "NoModificationAllowedError");
console.assert(e2.code === 7);

console.assert(DOMException.INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR === 10);


This package exposes two flavors of the DOMException interface depending on the imported module.

domexception module

This module default-exports the DOMException interface constructor.

domexception/webidl2js-wrapper module

This module exports the DOMException interface wrapper API generated by webidl2js.