Dompack Builder - tools to compile with webpack

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Dompack-builder - tooling to build with webpack

  • Quickly building ES6 examples with a CLI
  • API to build webpacks with reasonable default conversion settings

Converting simple webpacks in directories

Create a dompack.json file in the relevant directory, with the following format:

{ "build": {
    "entrypoint": ""

Then run dompack-builder <path-to-dompack.json> to build the webpack. With the following html file the webpack can be loaded:

    <link href="dompackbuild/ap.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>
    <script src="dompackbuild/ap.js"></script>

The default build directory is ./dompackbuild, so it is recommended to add that name to your .gitignore.

Programmatically generate webpack configurations

const dompackbuilder = require("dompack-builder");
const webpack = require("webpack");

const config = dompackbuilder(
  { entrypoint:         ""
  , diskpath:           "<path-to-package.json>"
  , outputpath:         "<path-to-output-directory>"
  , baseurl:            "<url-to-output>" // URL to final output directory
  , enablejsx:          false // enable jsx
  , isdev:              false // set to true to skip minify and compression
  , babelcache:         "<path-to-babelcache-dir>" // optional, but recommended
  , omitpolyfills:      false // set to true to omit polyfills and babel external helpers from the generated file
  , usecheapsourcemap:  false
  , extrarequires:      [] // list of modules/files that need to be loaded before the entrypoint
  , nodemodulepaths:    [] // All paths with extra node modules
  , extraloaders:       [] Extra loaders
  , extraplugins:       [] Extra plugins
  , babelenvtarget:     Environment target for `@babel/preset-env` preset. Defaults to `{ "targets": "defaults" }`
  , babelextraplugins:  [] Extra babel plugins

let compiler = new webpack(config);, status) =>
  console.log("Compilation finished");


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git push origin --tags
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