Playwright package to use domrec-core to record DOM changes

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  import domrecPlaywright from '';



Uses domrec-core to record DOM changes inside playwright scripts. Basically, makes it possible to record videos in headless chrome.


npm install --save domrec-playwright or yarn add domrec-playwright


const {PlaywrightRecorder} = require('domrec-playwright')

// ...We are skipping the full setup of the playwright browsing session here
const page = await browser.newPage()

// Setup the Dom Recorder
const recorder = new PlaywrightRecorder(page)
await recorder.init()

// do your thing with playwright

await recorder.stopRecording()
await browser.close()
const recordings = recorder.recordings


  • new PlaywrightRecorder(page): Create a new PlaywrightRecorder. Page should be a playwright page
  • async init(): Sets up everything
  • async stopRecording(): Gathers data from the current open website. You should use this before closing the browser or after a failed test


What to do with the recordings?

Use the DOMRecPlayer from

Inner Working

We use the recording.js from domrec-core to record dom changes. We also have a second script to simplify using the DOMRecorder.

To inject the two scripts, we use page.addInitScript. To receive the data of the dom recording, we use page.exposeFunction.

At the moment, we only start recording after the DOMContentLoaded event on the website was triggered and we record the whole document.body.

There are plans to make both settings (when and what to record) customizable.