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A CSS plugin for DoneJS projects.

This is the normal Steal CSS plugin with a few DoneJS specific features like live-reload and server-side rendering included.


To use this plugin in a DoneJS project just install it:

npm install done-css --save



When server-side rendering with done-ssr and using the cache busting extension you need to specify the renderingCacheVersion property in your config. You might do so like this:

const ssr = require("done-ssr");

const render = ssr({
    renderingCacheVersion: 99

Doing this will result in the cache version number appearing in the server-rendered <link> elements.


To setup your dev environment:

  1. Clone and fork this repo.

  2. Run npm install.

  3. Open test/test.html in your browser. Everything should pass.

  4. Run npm test. Everything should pass.

  5. Run npm run-script build. Everything should build ok. To publish:

  6. Update the version number in package.json

  7. Update the version number in test/live-ssr/index.html

  8. Commit and push this to master

  9. Tag it git tag v0.2.0. Push the tag git push origin --tags.