super light weight event driven containers

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<script type="module">
  import doon from '';


Doon - Do On

Super light weight event driven containers.

Why ?

Built a wonderful application in HTML/CSS/JS . Client came around with a new design . Suspecting that this won't be the last I created a way to not need to touch the JS when HTML / CSS change. I create Do On. Needed to relink the JS with the new HTML . As expected Client did it again ( It's okay, its by the hour ). This time all I really needed to change was the HTML and CSS and the JS still worked .


  • jQuery 1.4.2+


JS Bin


<div data-do="trigger" data-on="click|mouseover|mouseout"></div>


$(window).on('trigger-init', function(e, target) {
  $(target).html('Click Me');
}).on('trigger-click', function(e, target) {
  $(target).css('color', 'red');
}).on('trigger-mouseout', function(e, target) {
  $(target).css('color', 'blue');
  $(target).css('font-size', '12px');
}).on('trigger-mouseover', function(e, target) {
  $(target).css('font-size', '20px');