Run node apps in small docker containers using zeit/pkg

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Build and run node apps in small container using docker and zeit/pkg

dopkg is heavy inspired by dockerpkg


zeit/pkg is a tool to package a NodeJS project into an executable. The resulting packages can be used on a system without having to install NodeJS, npm or the project dependencies.

When used together with a small system like Alpine Linux this can result in simple and minimal Docker images.

This project aims for a very simple workflow to create these small images. It does so by separating the process of building and running the container and it provides a simple helper command to run the build.



The builder image is based on node:lts-alpine and it runs the pkg command with some params in the mounted directory.

The result is a generated binary called app.bin in the mounted directory (generally this is the dir of you project).


The runner images is based on alpine:latest and it is made to run the generated app.bin from the /app directory.

dopkg cli tool

The dopkg is a simple script that executes the docker command with the right parameters to created a build.

It pulls the dopkg/runner images and makes sure that the working dir is mounted correctly.

How to use

Please refer to dopkg-example-app for a working example.