An ultra readable api library

Usage no npm install needed!

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dot-api: An ultra readible API Client Library

So readible you won't need to wrap it. Dependency free. Wrap's whatever handling you already have. Use with either fetch, axios, or whatever custom setup you have. Any thing that exposes get, post, etc functions and returns a promise should work

npm install --save dot-api

Calling the API

let result = await api.people('123').addresses.get({ city: 'Pittsburgh', state: 'PA'});


let apiInner: ApiInner;
let api = Api('', apiInner, {}) as MyApi; // Strongly Typed
let api = Api('', apiInner, {structure}) as DynamicApi; // Dynamic
let api = Api('/api', apiInner, {structure }) as MyApi;

Where ApiInner is:

interface ApiInner {
  get(params, ...args): Promise<any>;
  post(data, ...args): Promise<any>;
  put(data, ...args): Promise<any>;
  patch?(data, ...args): Promise<any>;
  del(...args): Promise<any>;

ApiInner should handle setting headers/auth, any error handling, and it can either handle API base URL or you can have dot-api handle either works (this allows you to have a base API at one host but split into "API Modules").

API Type Declaration

interface MyApi {
    people: HasGet<any[], any> & HasPost & {
        (id): HasPut & HasDelete & {
            addresses: HasGet<any[], any> & HasPost<any, any> & {
                (id): HasDelete & HasPut<any, any>;
        nearMe: HasGet,
        me: HasGet & { (id): HasPut }

Definining a Structure object to support IE (or move processing time from the time of API call to app init)

let structure = {
    people: {
        $id: {
            addresses: { $id: {} }
        nearMe: {},
        me: { $id: {} }
} as ApiStructureMap<MyApiLegacy>