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Manage multiple dotfiles.

npm i dotf


  • Supports multiple dotfiles
  • Absolute or relative dotfiles


import dotf from 'dotf';

// Setup dotfiles
let dotglobal = dotf('~', 'myrc'); // Global (~)
let dotlocal = dotf(__dirname, 'myignore'); // Local (./)

// Write
let overwriteGlobal = await dotglobal.write({ myGlobal: 1337 });
let overwriteLocal = await dotlocal.write({ myLocal: 2674 });

// Exists
let globalExists = await dotglobal.exists();
let localExists = await dotlocal.exists();

// Read
let globalRead = await;
let localRead = await;

Why not use XXX instead?

  • I didn't see support for custom paths in dotfile in other packages (i.e. /dotfile).
  • This module provides 1 liner read/write/existance with the modern await syntax.

Tests (ava)

npm i
npm test