CLI to increment and tag assembly version(s) in a .NET project

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CLI to increment and tag assembly version(s) in a .NET project. Supports SDK-style and non-SDK projects.

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> dotnet-bump minor --dry-run
- Would stage Foo\Foo.csproj
- Would stage Bar\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs
- Would commit and tag v1.1.0
> dotnet-bump minor
- Stage Foo\Foo.csproj
- Stage Bar\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs
- Commit and tag v1.1.0


dotnet-bump <target> [options] [file..]

Bump to target version, one of:

  • A release type: major, minor, patch, premajor, preminor, prepatch, prerelease
    • The major type bumps the major version (for example 2.4.1 => 3.0.0); minor and patch work the same way.
    • The premajor type bumps the version up to the next major version and down to a prerelease of that major version; preminor and prepatch work the same way.
    • The prerelease type works the same as prepatch if the input version is a non-prerelease. If the input is already a prerelease then it's simply incremented (for example 4.0.0-rc.2 => 4.0.0-rc.3).
  • A specific version like 2.4.0 (must be semver).

Files can be glob patterns or paths to a:

  • Visual Studio Solution (*.sln) (parsed to find projects)
  • Project (*.csproj or *.fsproj) (parsed to find a Version element or AssemblyInfo file)
  • A .nuspec file (containing a version element)
  • C# or F# source code file
  • JSON or JSON5 file;
  • Directory containing any of the above.

Default is the current working directory. Files must reside in a git working tree (or multiple working trees).


--dry-run  -d  Print changes but don't make them
--force    -f  Continue if git working tree(s) are dirty
--no-commit    Don't commit and tag
--no-glob      Disable globbing
--verbose      Verbose output
--version  -v  Print version and exit
--help     -h  Print usage and exit


Download a portable binary or install with npm:

npm install dotnet-bump --save-dev


MIT © Vincent Weevers