Server for RethinkDB Horizon, an open-source developer platform for building realtime, scalable web apps.

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Horizon Server

An extensible middleware server built on top of RethinkDB which exposes a websocket API to front-end applications.


Follow our documentation at for instructions on installing Horizon.


The Horizon server requires some tools and libraries to be available before it can run:

  • node.js - interpreter to run the Horizon server
  • openssl - generating ssl certificates
  • rethinkdb - for running a RethinkDB server


OpenSSL is required to generate the cert and key pair necessary to serve Horizon securely via HTTPS and WSS. Usually this is done on the production server where you are running Horizon, however to do this locally you'll need to have the OpenSSL installed.


Check out for the best method of installing RethinkDB on your platform.