A deployd module that allows to define custom route actions

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Deployd custom route action module

This custom resource type allows you to define custom actions, to be performed outside the default collection resource, i.e., dpd-actions do not necessarily require a collection to be executed.


Within your deployd app, you can add dpd-actions using npm:

npm install dpd-actions

See Installing Modules for details.


Go to the deployd dashboard and add a new dpd-action. Specify a name for your action ('myactions'). In the actions panel add actions using the provided forms and add the code necessary to execute the action.

Actions can be accessed using the dpd client or http request.

For the dpd client use:

dpd.actions.myaction('actionname', callback);

For http access:




Allows you to specify any resource in your current setup. This resource will be directly available through the store object within your actions.


A couple of helper methods/objects will be available within a custom action:

  • require

Provides access to the node module loader

  • dpd

Gives access to the internal dpd client. Allows to query other resources / collections / actions within your deployd app.

  • store

Direct access to this action's resource's Mongo store. Provides two accessor methods:

store.fetch: Query the mongo store

store.persist: Persist data into the mongo store

  • this / data

Provides access to the requested resource and is used to provide the values returned by the request.