Typeaheads for Draft.js inspired by Facebook.com

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Typeaheads for Draft.js inspired by Facebook.com.


Check out an example of mentions in draft using draft-js-typeahead here. 🎉

This package provides a higher-order component that wraps draft's Editor component and augments it with typeahead superpowers. One popular use for draft-js-typeahead is to add mentions to your editors.

draft-js-typeahead helps in three ways:

  • It figures out if and where the typeahead should be showing.
  • It keeps track of the typeahead's highlighted item.
  • It triggers a callback when an item is selected (by hitting return).


$ npm install --save draft-js-typeahead


Examples are available under the examples/ directory.


First we'll need to import TypeaheadEditor:

import { TypeaheadEditor } from 'draft-js-typeahead';

TypeaheadEditor is a react component that wraps draft's Editor.

It supports all of the same properties as the latter, as well as a few others:

onTypeaheadChange => (typeaheadState):

This method is called when the typeahead's visibility, position, or text changes. typeaheadState is an object with left, top, text, and selectedIndex properties. A typical callback sets typeaheadState on its own state and uses it to render an overlay in its component's render method. This method is also called when the typeahead is hidden by passing null to typeaheadState.

handleTypeaheadReturn => (text, selectedIndex, selection):

This method is called when an item in the typeahead is selected (by hitting return). A typical callback autocompletes the editor with the selected item and tags it with a draft entity.

Note: By default draft-js-typeahead does not filter items in the typeahead based on the entered text, see the mentions example for one approach to filtering.


MIT © Justin Vaillancourt