Drag-based JavaScript component, embracing endless UI solutions

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<script type="module">
  import dragdealer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dragdealer';


Dragdealer.js Build Status

Drag-based JavaScript component, embracing endless UI solutions

Specs & (sweet) demos: http://skidding.github.io/dragdealer__


The basic way to install Dragdealer is to include the minified script into your web page.

You can check the examples to see how you can add a particular slider from the demo to your own project.

Node package

It can also be installed through npm, using something like browserify.

var Dragdealer = require('dragdealer').Dragdealer;

Running tests

Dragdealer has CI set up through Travis CI and Sauce Labs (who both offer their outstanding services for free to open-source projects.) Any pull-request will be tested automatically after each commit.

You can also run the tests by hand, of course.

Fire up the browser

Just load index.html in a browser of choice and pull the top slider to the right or access URL with the /#runner hashtag directly. Example: http://skidding.github.io/dragdealer/#runner

You can start a web server using the ./node_modules/.bin/grunt dev task, which will make the project available at localhost:9999

Sauce Labs and PhantomJS

Run the ./node_modules/.bin/grunt test grunt task to run the tests from the terminal.

If you have SauceLabs credentials (SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY), tests will run there, otherwise the task will fall back to PhantomJS. You can also force grunt to run the tests one way or the other using the test-phantomjs and test-saucelabs tasks.


node_modules/.bin/uglifyjs src/dragdealer.js -o src/dragdealer.min.js

Make sure you ran npm install in the project directory first. Also, you can use global paths if you have the npm modules installed globally (-g), but you shouldn't need to.


There's no contributing guide so far, but you're more than welcome to start a discussion.