Put some Drizzle on your React components.

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  import drizzleReactComponentsDjs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/drizzle-react-components-djs';



A set of useful components for common UI elements.



This components wraps your entire app (but within the DrizzleProvider) and will show a loading screen until Drizzle, and therefore web3 and your contracts, are initialized.

loadingComp (component) The component displayed while Drizzle intializes.

errorComp (component) The component displayed if Drizzle initialization fails.


contract (string, required) Name of the contract to call.

method (string, required) Method of the contract to call.

methodArgs (array) Arguments for the contract method call. EX: The address for an ERC20 balanceOf() function. The last argument can optionally be an options object with the typical from, gas and gasPrice keys.

hideIndicator (boolean) If true, hides the loading indicator during contract state updates. Useful for things like ERC20 token symbols which do not change.

toUtf8 (boolean) Converts the return value to a UTF-8 string before display.

toAscii (boolean) Converts the return value to an Ascii string before display.


contract (string, required) Name of the contract whose method will be the basis the form.

method (string, required) Method whose inputs will be used to create corresponding form fields.

labels (array) Custom labels; will follow ABI input ordering. Useful for friendlier names. For example "_to" becoming "Recipient Address".

valueLabel (string) Custom label for a field where the user can specify the amount of wei they want to send with the transaction.