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The Drone CI Spinnaker stage creates a custom pipeline stage that triggers a Drone CI Build This plugin implements the Stage Definition builder and each stage implements an Orca task for CI operations.

The plugin consists of a droneci-orca, droneci-igor, droneci-gate Kotlin server components and a drone-deck React UI component that uses the rollup.js plugin library.

This plugin is still alpha and contributions are very welcome. This plugin originates from the proposal for Drone CI Support for Spinnaker and Drone CI type for Spinnaker pipeline stage.

Drone CI configuration view

Version Compatibility

Plugin Spinnaker Platform
1.0.0 1.20.x


Configure the Spinnaker service. Put the following in the service yml to enable the plugin and configure the extension:

          enabled: true
          version: 1.0.0
              enabled: true
                - name: master-name
                  baseUrl: http://drone-uri
                  token: private-token
                timeout: 3600
                backOffPeriod: 10
          url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Odusanya18/spinnaker-plugin-repository/master/repositories.json


To debug the droneci server component inside a Spinnaker service (like Orca) using IntelliJ Idea follow these steps:

  1. Run ./gradlew releaseBundle in the plugin project.
  2. Copy the generated .plugin-ref file under build in the plugin project submodule for the service to the plugins directory under root in the Spinnaker service that will use the plugin .
  3. Link the plugin project to the service project in IntelliJ (from the service project use the + button in the Gradle tab and select the plugin build.gradle).
  4. Configure the Spinnaker service the same way specified above.
  5. Create a new IntelliJ run configuration for the service that has the VM option -Dpf4j.mode=development and does a Build Project before launch.
  6. Debug away...