A flexible generic JavaScript dropdown component that can be attached to any element.

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  import dropdownInterface from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dropdown-interface';


Dropdown Interface

A flexible generic JavaScript dropdown list component that can be attached to any element.


I've tried a few different dropdown libraries in the past, and they all tend to have similar issues:

  • They try to do too much, often leading to code bloat and the library not doing exactly what you want it to do.
  • They don't often overflow correctly. If you have the dropdown inside a modal, it would be stuck inside the modal and won't overflow outside it.
  • They are usually written for a particular framework, meaning you're locked to a vendor.

This library aims to implement a similar behaviour to the native dropdown provided by the operating system, except that you can style it however you want.

Getting Started

npm install dropdown-interface

Inside your code, you can require the module and instantiate it, attaching it to an element:

import DropdownInterface from 'dropdown-interface';

let el = document.createElement('input');

let interface = new DropdownInterface({
    items: [{label: 'item 1', value: 1}, {label: 'item 2', value: 2}],
    parent: el,
    onItemSelected: (item) => {


  • Array<Object> items - Each item has a label and value. The label is what is displayed to the user.
  • HTMLElement parent - Native HTMLElement to render relatively to.
  • Function<Object item> onItemSelected - Receives the item that was selected in the list.
  • Function<HTMLElement el, Object item> onItemRender - Custom rendering support. Modify the element to be rendered however you want. By default it renders the label.
  • Function onListShow - Triggers when list is shown, useful for changing visual styles such as arrow directions.
  • Function onListHide - Triggers when list is hidden.


  • toggle() - Show/hides the list.
  • setFocusedItem(Number index) - Highlights the item that matches the index.
  • setItems(Array<Object> items) - Update the items in the list.
  • showList() - Show the list.
  • hideList() - Hide the list.
  • handleKeyDown(KeyEvent e) - Must be called by a wrapper component to add keyboard controls.
  • destroy() - Clean up the component.


Find examples on how to integrate the dropdown interface with frameworks in the examples directory.