An fair queue based using Deficit Round-Robin

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A fair queue based on Deficit Round Robin

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With this module, you can queue work from multiple incoming sources and pull work for the queue in a fair order. One source cannot cause starvation of the other sources. This module is an implemenation of the work in Efficient Fair Queuing Using Deficit Round-Robin

A fair queue could be used to schedule incoming requests from users, to make sure that no user reduces the performance of other users on the same server. Or, the queue could be used to balance outgoing requests to a downstream server, making sure that one user does not consume all of the connections in a pool.


When inserting elements into the queue, three pieces of information are needed.

  1. The source of the item
  2. The item
  3. The weight of the item

A simple example

In this example, source 1 will queue two items of work before source 2 can queue anything. But, when the items are popped, the work from source 2 will be popped first so that source 1 does not starve source 2.

var FairQueue = require('drr-fair-queue');
var queue = new FairQueue();

queue.push('source1', 'item1', 1);
queue.push('source1', 'item2', 1);
queue.push('source2', 'item3', 1);

queue.pop();  // Will pop item 1 from source 1
queue.pop();  // Will pop item 3 from source 2
queue.pop();  // Will pop item 2 from source 1

Reacting to queued work

To know when work is ready to be processed, you can register a hook as an option to the constructor. Here is an example program that watches for work and processes when it's available:

var FairQueue = require('drr-fair-queue');

var freeWorkers = 1;
function processWork() {
    if (freeWorkers === 0) {
        // Skipping work because all workers are busy

    var work = queue.pop();
    if (!work) {
    } else {
        // Do something with the work
        setImmediate(function () {
            console.log('Processing work', work);

var queue = new FairQueue({onUnidle: processWork});
queue.push('source1', 'item1', 1);
queue.push('source1', 'item2', 1);
queue.push('source2', 'item3', 1);