NodeJS Jabber bot framework

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Druid - A NodeJS Jabber bot framework

Druid is a small library for NodeJS to ease the development of Jabber bots. The main reason behind it was implementing a small bugbot for the MUC chat rooms we use at work.


The source code is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


npm can be used to install the dependencies, use the following command:

npm install cheerio request node-xmpp node-stringprep


The BotBuggy bot included, it uses the Bugzilla plug-in to show the descriptions of bugs when a bug URL is mentioned by in a chat room. Also, expansion of “instance prefixes“ to URLs is performed, for example bugs mentioned as fdo#1234 can be expandes by the bot to the bug URL adding the following in the config.json file:

    // ...
    "bugzilla": {
        "fdo": "https://bugs.freedesktop.org"