Adds a CLI script to toggle Drupal 8's 'dev mode' on/off

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drupal-dev-mode package

This is an attempt to be able to quickly toggle on/off Drupal 8's 'dev mode', with one command.

The command/scripts here were written to run in the context of a Drupal site running in a local Lando/Docker setup (see "Prerequisites" section below).

'dev mode' consists of:

  • enabling inclusion of a settings.local.php file into the (default) Drupal site's settings.php file (again, see "Prerequisites" below)
  • enabling Twig debugging in development.services.yml (which is enabled by inclusion of settings.local.php in settings.php)
  • enabling inclusion of Drupal cache related settings (render, page and dynamic_page_cache) to nullify caches in settings.local.php

This package provides a CLI command, toggle-dev-mode that achieves the points listed above. Running the command once will toggle 'dev mode' on. Running it a second time will toggle 'dev mode' off again.


  • You will have a Drupal 8 site running locally via Lando. The Drupal install dir will be docroot, web or drupal.

  • You will need to have already created settings.local.php (from the out of the box example) and moved to the default site directory. This package does not (yet) attempt to create that file, only modify it.

  • This package should be installed in a node_modules folder that is a sibling of the Drupal install (Eg. a sibling of docroot, web or drupal).

    This should just be npm install drupal-dev-mode.

    The package assumes this location when trying to find the various files to modify when running toggle-dev-mode.

Running the toggle-dev-mode command/script

This should just be as simple as:

npx toggle-dev-mode

You can also run the script directly with:

node node_modules/drupal-dev-mode/cli.js

Output from running the command should be similar to:

~/W/xxx> npx toggle-dev-mode
Uncommenting $settings['cache']['bins']['render']
Uncommenting $settings['cache']['bins']['page']
Uncommenting $settings['cache']['bins']['dynamic_page_cache']
Updated /Users/alex/Work/xxx/docroot/sites/development.services.yml!
Updated /Users/alex/Work/xxx/docroot/sites/default/settings.local.php!
Updated /Users/alex/Work/xxx/docroot/sites/default/settings.php! (Enable settings.local.php inclusion)

You will still want to run a drush cache:rebuild (or drush cr) after running, to ensure changes take effect.