Drupal 8 core templates as npm dependencies

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  import drupal8Templates from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/drupal8-templates';


Drupal 8 templates

NPM version

Drupal 8 core templates as npm dependencies!

What is the purpose of this package?

This package allows Drupal 8 themers to create custom themes without having to actually install Drupal 8 on their computer - that is by using only nodejs and npm tools like twigjs or stromboli + stromboli-plugin-twig.

Which version should I use?

You should always use the most recent version of this package that belongs to the Drupal 8 version that your project is targeting.

The mapping rule is pretty simple: the first two digits of this package version will always match the last two digits of the corresponding Drupal 8 version.

Here are some examples of what your dependency declaration would look like for the following (hypothetical) versions of Drupal 8:

  • Drupal 8.2.5: "drupal8-templates": 2.5.x

  • Drupal 8.3.0: "drupal8-templates": 3.0.x

  • Drupal 8.4.9: "drupal8-templates": 4.9.x