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React UI component library based on ant-design. Mainly used for middle and back-end products. Our goal is to meet more specific and more specific business scenario components. Of course, we also have excellent business components based on native javascript, such as ContextMenu, KeyEventListener and so on.

When to use

  • When you find that the basic components provided by other component libraries do not meet the current business scenario, and you need to implement functions based on the basic components, you can use dt-react-component to solve the problem.
  • When the business is complex, more and more business components are deposited. In order to better manage the components and reduce the redundancy of the code, you can use dt-react-component. Of course, we welcome PR. We will review and merge common business scenario components in a timely manner.


// use npm
npm install dt-react-component

// use yarn
yarn add dt-react-component


import { Circle, GoBack } from 'dt-react-component'
const App = () => (
    <Circle type='finished'/>
    <GoBack url='/api/manage' />

And import style manually:

import 'dt-react-component/lib/style/index.css'

// or
import 'dt-react-component/lib/style/index.scss'

Load on demand

The following two methods can only load the components used.

  • We strongly recommend using the babel-plugin-treasure plugin that perfectly adapts to dt-react-component.
// .babelrc or babel-loader option
"plugins": [
        "libraryName": "dt-react-component",
        "libraryDirectory": "lib",
        "style": "css" // `style: true` Will load the scss file

Then just import the module from dt-react-component, no need to import style separately. It is equivalent to the manual introduction below.

// babel-plugin-treasure will help you load JS and CSS
import { ContextMenu } from 'dt-react-component';

See more babel-plugin-treasure.

  • Manual introduction
import MarkdownRender from 'dt-react-component/lib/markdownRender'; // Load JS
import 'dt-react-component/lib/markdownRender/style/css'; // Load CSS
// import 'dt-react-component/lib/markdownRender/style'; // Load SCSS


dt-react-component is written in TypeScript with complete definitions, So you will have a better smart reminder experience.

Preview address

You can view the latest components and documents at this address



clone locally:

$ git clone git@github.com:DTStack/dt-react-component.git
$ cd dt-react-component
$ npm install
$ npm run storybook

Open your browser and visit,We manage components based on stroybook. see more at Storybook.


  • We will support and improve more components
  • Internationalized language support
  • Support theme customization


We welcome all contributions. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as issues.

Finally, thank all our code contributors