Generate xcassets from Figma

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import dtcgen from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dtcgen';



Generate xcassets from Figma.


  • node version >= 14.15.4
  • Figma design file
  • Figma shared library ( for dtcgen style command )


yarn global add dtcgen
# or
npm install -g dtcgen

How to use

  1. create config files with dtcgen init , then fill out required parameters in .env file
  2. dtcgen slice to generate Image Set of xcassets
  3. dtcgen style to generate Color Set of xcassets

*) If you installed locally, prepend npx before dtcgen.

Available parameters on dtc.config.json


prop name type description
caseSensitive boolean set true if you want keyword to be case sensitive.
keywords string[] multiple keywords included in components' names that you want to extract.
extension string the file extension to be extracted. currently supporting [pdf/svg/png].
sliceAllImages boolean set true if you want to extract all images within a design file as png.
scales number[] set scales you want to extract. but it's valid only on 'png' extension.

numbers that you can specify to scales are as below´╝Ü

figma 1, 2, 3, 4

more detail about keywords parameter

Assuming you want to retrieve icons as xcassets-ready files, and icons have defined under Icons / *** already. Then, you need to add icons or Icons (if caseSensitive) to keywords within dtc.config.json . So you can retrieve all icons under that.

*) Spaces in between will be eliminated on generating assets. Then / is treated as a folder on generation.


prop name type description
color.isEnabled boolean set true if you want to extract and generate color xcassets.


All templates use namespace . You can modify templates as you like once you get your own templates folder created automatically after first command execution. You can specify your own template folder by .env file.


  • iconName.imageset
    • universal
    • if extension is png, create multiple scaled images from 1x to 4x as specified by scales .
    • if extension is svg or pdf, it will check Preserve Vector Data .

*) If something wrong, deleting OUTPUT_PATH/extracted folder would fix the issue ( OUTPUT_PATH is defined in .env ).