Command-line wrapper for typescript compiler to produce declarations only

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Command-line utility built on top of typescript compiler to generate only declaration files. Originally built to work with @babel/plugin-transform-typescript, because it does not support generating declarations.

Note: Alpha version! Do not use in production.


$ npm install dts-only


Just run script in command line:

$ dts-only

Script will try to find tsconfig.json at your cwd. If you have configuration in another directory, specify it with -p:

$ dts-only -p src/tsconfig.json

Command-line options

  • -c, --compiler - prints current compiler version
  • -h, --help - prints usage information
  • --outDir - specifies directory for typescript compiler output
  • -p, --project - path to tsconfig.json file.
  • -v, --version - prints package version