An tiny, opinionated build tool for creating duet app bundles.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import duetBuild from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/duet-build';



An tiny, opinionated command-line build tool for creating duet app bundles.

$ npm install --save-dev duet-build


$ duet-build

When you run the command with no arguments, it will attempt to bundle src/index.js and output the bundled index.js and a bare-bones index.html file into the public/ directory.

The project is bundled with browserify, with the babel ES2015 and uglify transforms applied.


  • --entry="path/to/index.js" - path to the file you want to bundle.
  • --out="output/path" - path to the directory you want to output to the bundle to.
  • --title="App Title" - the <title> tag in index.html will contain the argument's value.
  • --debug - by passing this flag flag, browserify will run in debug mode and the uglify transform will not be applied.

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