an in-memory key-value store. stores revisions. kiss approach.

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<script type="module">
  import dumbdb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dumbdb';




dumbdb ain't couchdb.

it's an attempt to do the simplest nodb possible, using just core JS stuff.

each collection is a JS object used as a hash (duh).

collections are persisted to disk every n seconds.

_ids are auto generated if ommitted.

there are no _revs or attachments... or synchronization magic either.

you can spawn an http interface though, using dumbdb_srv! :)

otherwise, you get an in-process kinda-db-thingy. if so, be careful since dumb doesn't clone given objects by default.

does it scale? probably not. what's the purpose? fun and a little bit of learning. KISS was the main concern here.


the require returns a function which can receive configuration options, namely:

  • saveEveryNSeconds (defaults to 5)
  • rootDir (defaults to __dirname, i.e., the current directory)

from that, you can either open or create a collection. (will be stored as <collection_name>.ddb)

once you create/open a collection you get this interface:

{Boolean} exists({String} id)

{Object|null} get({String} id)

{Object} put({Object} o)

{Object[]} all()

{Object[]} mapReduce({Function({Object} doc, [{Function({String} key, {Array} values)})

the mapping function must invoke this.emit(key, value) to publish rows. reduction is optional. there are some auxiliary methods to aid in common reductions (this.sum(arr), this.factor(arr), this.avg(arr)).