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About The Project

Going through the front-end creation process requires the frequent need to test with dynamic images and text of various sizes to battle test the html + css styling. This can be a time consuming manual step, but also a crucial one to simulating user generated content, testing word wrapping, repeating of elements, etc. In order to test the front-end for these edge cases not only quicker, but more thoroughly, Dummify was realized to add a layer of automation to this process.


Install the package:

yarn add dummyjs --dev # for use with yarn, or:
npm install dummyjs --save-dev # for use with npm

And, import:

const Dummy = require("dummify"); // es5 or node
import Dummy from "dummify"; // es6


Generate the source of a 200x200 image

const dummy = Dummy.src(200, 200);

Specify additional parameters to generate the source of an image between 200x200 and 300x300

const dummy = Dummy.src(200, 200, 300, 300);

Use the src in an image

<image src="{dummy}"></image> ``