Object and schema validator for javascript.

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Duns - schema validator for javascript.

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Currently supports the following validators,

  • Duns.any()
  • Duns.bool()
  • Duns.object()
  • Duns.number()
  • Duns.string()
  • Duns.array()

To use, create a schema and validate.

var Schema = Duns.object().keys({
    pirate : Duns.object().keys({
        ninja  : Duns.string().minlen(2),
        parrot : Duns.number()

var data = { pirate : { ninja : 'test', parrot : 100 } };

// Then you can validate the schema like this.
Duns.validate(data, Schema) // Validates as true.

// Or like this.
Schema.init(data).validate() // Valides as true.

// Or even like this.
var schema = Duns.number();
schema.validate(100); // Validates as true.

Duns can also assist in formatting values given a schema.

    var Schema = Duns.object().keys({
      age: Duns.number().returns(function(age) {
        returns age * 2;

      name : Duns.string().returns(function(name) {
        returns name + '!';

    Schema.init({ age:20, name: 'test' }).format();
    //Returns { age:40, name: 'test!' }


  • Duns.validate(object,Schema) - validates a object, given a schema. Returns true on success, false otherwise.
  • Duns.assert(object,Schema) - Like validate, but throws if validation fails.
  • Duns.error() - returns last error message after validation.


  • Matches all values except null and undefined, if not otherwise stated.
  • All of these methods are shared amongst all validators.

Validation methods

  • validate(value) - Validates 'value' against schema. Returns true or false.
  • invalid(value) - Validates 'value' against schema but returns true if schema could not be validated.
  • assert(value) - Like validate, but throws if validation fails.
  • oneOf(schema[]) - Accepts one or more schemas - that must validate.
  • only(values[]) - Accepts only one of values.
  • disallow(value) - Disallows exact 'value' in schema.
  • allow(value) - Makes schema alwasy validate true for 'value'.
  • required() - Forces key in schema to be defined(default).
  • optional() - Makes key in schema optional.
  • forbidden() - Forbidds key to exist in schema.
  • custom(callback) - Makes it possible to add a custom validation method. 'Callback' will be called with all schema values.
    • Must return a boolean. If 'callback' returns false, forces schema validation to fail.
  • extend(obj) - Extends schema with obj. Every key in obj will be added as a custom validaiton method, that can be reused.
var schema = Duns.any().extend({
  isBetween : function(val, min, max) {
    return val < max && val > min;

schema.isBetween(10, 20);
schema.validate(15) // returns true.

Formatting methods

  • returns(callback) - Defines a callback to be executed on 'format()'. Values will be set to what callback returns.
  • format() - Formats schema. Runs all given callbacks, defined with 'returns()' on schema values and returns formatted values.
    • If no given callback exist, just returns original value.


Must either be true or false. Extends Duns.any.

Validation methods

  • mustBeTrue - forces value to only be === true.
  • mustBeFalse - forces value to only be === false.


Must be number. Extends Duns.any.

  • max(max) - no more than max.
  • min(min) - no less than min.
  • greater(gr) - must be greater than gr.
  • less(le) - must be less than le.
  • positive() - must be positive( > 0).
  • negative() - must be negative( < 0).


Must be string. Extends Duns.any.

  • maxlen(max) - length can be no more than max.
  • minlen(min) - length can be no less than min.
  • length(le) - lenght must be exactly === le.
  • email(email) - must be RFC822 valid email.
  • oneOf() - Must match one of arguments. For instance, Duns.string().oneOf('test1','test2') creates a schema that must match either 'test1' or 'test2'.
  • match(RegExp|String) - Will match values with given Regex.


Must be array. Extends Duns.any.

  • items([]) - an array of schemas, one of these must be valid for all items in data.
  • min(min) - minimum length of array
  • max(max) - max length of array
  • length(length) - length of array


Must be object. Extends Duns.any.

  • keys() - creates a nested schema, where each key must be a schema.
  • allowAllKeys() - Allows none defined keys to exist in object.
  • returns(callback) - Defines a callback to be executed on 'format()'. Values will be set to what callback returns.
    • 'callback' is executed with (val, siblings), where 'siblings' is an object with all siblings.

Must be valid date. Extends Duns.any. Uses moment.js internally.

  • max(max) - Date can't be after max.
  • min(min) - Date can't be before min.
  • pattern(pattern) - Defines what pattern date is in. Used to handle illegal date formats. e.g 'YYYYMMDD'.
  • returns(callback/pattern) - Like any.returns, but if param is a pattern, formats date according to pattern.