A utility for creating eagle merchant pages

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import eaglePageUtility from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eagle-page-utility';


Merchant Page Utility

Use this module to generate a merchant page with random styling.


  • Install the app globally
$ npm install -g eagle-page-utility



  • Optionally, the newly created merchant page can be launched in your code editor automatically. To use this feature, add your editor's terminal launch command by using the -l (--launch) option when launching the application. Your launch command setting will be saved for future use. You can change your editor launch command anytime by launching the application with the -l option.
$ mputil -l '<your editor's launch command>'


  • In terminal, navigate to desired working directory where templates will be created
  • Launch app and follow the prompt
$ mputil
  • After template is created, enter merchant page specific information in /config/data.json
  • Adjust stylings if needed in /config/style.json
  • Add any images to /assets/images/

Your merchant page is now complete