Creates SVG badges for EARL files.

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This tool creates SVG badges for EARL test reports, for representing the specification compliance of a certain tool. These badges represent the percentage of passed tests for a specification's test suite for a given tool.

For example, a badge representing the JSON-LD 1.1 spec compliance could look as follows:

npm version

These EARL reports can be generated using a variety of tools in different programming languages, such as rdf-test-suite.js.



This allows the tool to be used from the CLI.

$ yarn global add earl-badge


$ npm install -g earl-badge


This allows the tool to be used as a library.

$ yarn add earl-badge


$ npm install earl-badge


This tool can either be used to generate SVG files from command line, or from code.


This tool assumes that you have an EARL test report file for a tool.

Assuming that you have an EARL file at mytool-earl.ttl, where your tool is identified in the EARL file by http://example.org/mytool, and your tool implements the JSON-LD 1.1 specification, you can execute this tool as follows:

$ earl-badge "JSON-LD 1.1" http://example.org/mytool mytool-earl.ttl

This tool supports EARL files in most RDF serializations, as long as they are supported by rdf-parse.


The SVG generation can also be called from code as follows:

import { BadgeGeneratorEarl } from "earl-badge";

const svgString = await new BadgeGeneratorEarl().createSvgBadge({
  filePath: 'mytool-earl.ttl',
  specName: 'JSON-LD 1.1',
  testSubject: 'http://example.org/mytool',


This software is written by Ruben Taelman.

This code is released under the MIT license.