Minimal Apostrophe Boilerplate

Usage no npm install needed!

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Apostrophe Boilerplate v2.x

Apostrophe Boilerplate is a minimal starting point for Apostrophe 2 projects.

To get started, we recommend taking a look at our guide to creating your first project. You could also take a look at Apostrophe's CLI or simply fork this repository.

Once you have a local copy of this project to work from, make sure to install its dependencies with npm install. With Apostrophe installed, the first thing to do create an admin user account so you're able to log into the CMS. Run the following command (this will prompt you for a password).

node app.js apostrophe-users:add admin admin

Now you're all set! Just run node app.js to start up the local server and head to localhost:3000 in your web browser.

For more documentation on Apostrophe, visit the A2 documentation site.