Host Earthstar workspaces via HTTP

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Earthstar Pub

Hosts and syncs Earthstar workspaces over HTTP. One pub server can hold multiple Earthstar workspaces.

You can

  • View the data through a web interface
  • Sync your local files to/from the server using earthstar-cli

Pub servers don't sync directly to each other (yet?).


This is for demonstration purposes, so it shows all the workspaces and data over the web. Normally Earthstar pubs should not reveal which workspaces they hold.

It stores data in memory, not on disk, so it will forget everything if restarted. Note that restarts projects often.

There's an issue describing how to store data in SQLite for persistence.


Running on Glitch

Make your own copy on Glitch by going here and clicking "Remix this".

Or start a new Glitch project from scratch:

  • Make a new Express project
  • Go to Glitch's package.json, click "Add package", and add earthstar-pub
  • Delete the demo code from server.js
  • Copy-paste the code from this repo's example.js into Glitch's server.js
  • Rename your project, at the top left
  • Click "🕶 Show > In a New Window" to visit your pub

Easy command-line install


npm install --global earthstar-pub



Then visit http://localhost:3333.


Usage: earthstar-pub [options]

Run an HTTP server which hosts and replicates Earthstar workspaces.

  -p, --port <port>   Which port to serve on
                        (default: "3333")

  --readonly          Don't accept any pushed data from users
                        (default: false)

  -c, --closed        Accept data to existing workspaces but
                        don't create new workspaces.
                        (default: false)

  -d, --discoverable  Allow workspace addresses to be discovered
                        via the web interface.  Only use
                        this for testing purposes.
                        (default: false)

  -s, --sqlite        Use sqlite instead of memory.  Default is memory.
                        (default: false)

  --dataFolder <folder>
                      Folder in which to store sqlite files.
                        Defaults to current directory.
                        Only used for sqlite, not memory.
                        (default: ".")
  --logLevel <logLevel>
                      Show this many logs. 0 = none, 1 = basic, 2 = verbose,
                        3 = include sensitive information (workspace addresses).
                        (default: "0")


Clone and install

git clone
cd earthstar-pub
npm install

Compile typescript

npm run build

Start the server

npm start

Then visit http://localhost:3333.