EAssessment project react components

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Project with react components for usage in the Core Frontend of E-assessment application.



In order to run the component library locally, pull this repo and use:

npm i
npm run dev

It is recommended to update your node and npm version to the latest available. If you are a windows user you can use npm-windows-upgrade. In dev mode you can use regular server at: localhost:8081 or webpack dev server with supports hot-reload and some other cool features(if set up properly), address: localhost:8081/webpack-dev-server/

Build library for local usage

In cases when you want to see updates of the component library in the core application right away, you can use the following command. It will automatically build the lib into the /dist folder and watch any changes you are making.

npm run lib-watch

This will serve this application the same way npm run dev does. In order to use it locally, you need to link this library by running the following command in this component library directory.

npm link

In order to make use of the link, which we just created, you need to go to the core application, where package.json file is situated.

npm link @eassessment/eas-components

It will create a shortcut from node_modules folder of core application to this folder.

Build library for deployment

In order to make the component library accessible from the main application, the latest library build should always be available in /dist folder. Make sure to build the component library using the following command:

npm run lib

Push new build into master to make sure that the latest code is available in our Github repo.

Export of components

In order to export components, add them to src/app-entry/export.js

Integration into core

In the core application, the components are pulled from this repo, master branch. Make sure that you have the following dependency in the core application's package.json file.

 "@eassessment/eas-components": "git+https://fd3ce0fcd32b5b92fbfe9399efde98600a70ba7c:x-oauth-basic@github.com/nrg-soft/eas-components.git",

Make sure to add components through importing them to app\EAssessment\EAssessment.UI.Common\app-common\components folder and exporting them as default from respective files.